Friday, May 7, 2010

Another day, another clinic

Today we spent another day over at BAMC. I was able to finally get those labs ordered for Daniel. When I left the hospital all had come back normal but the Tegretol levels are still pending. Daniel's eyes have been determined to be fine although his blinking is still the same and he's been asking to wear his glasses a lot more. He says he can't see. Maybe he's just finally realized that they help his vision. He is 7 now, after all. Depending on how the Tegretol levels come back, our next avenue of investigation will be a referral back to neurology and an EEG to see if maybe his blinking is due to seizure activity. I'm hoping to be able to put that off until after our move though.

Aside from those things, Noah went to the psychiatrist today. We're still tweaking meds. His anxiety has been better and his OCD behaviors better also but he still paces, forgets things, wanders aimlessly around and fidgets uncontrollably so the doc tweaked some more and we go back for our (last) appointment with Dr. Cepeda on June 1. He's been a good doctor. We've been with him for 3 1/2 years. I hope we find someone equally competent when we arrive in Georgia.

My BFF is hugely pregnant. She's due in a couple weeks and unfortunately has come down with a sinus infection so I'll be heading over shortly with some home made soup for her. I even strained all the chunks out. She likes onion flavor but not onions. ;) I love my Amy. I'm going to miss her when we go our separate ways. She's moving to Ft. Lewis, where I'd love to be and I'm moving to the next best thing to "home" for her. She was praying to be able to go to GA since she's from Florida. She's trying not to be jealous and I'm doing the same. I'm off to deliver the soup and visit for a few minutes. Our time together is so limited now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A very happy "boot-day"

Yesterday was my nuttiest peanut's birthday. It was quite a day. He woke up early and announced to everyone that it was his "bootday." He was convinced that he was going to get to stay home from school, open his presents before getting dressed, and eat cake for breakfast. He is 7 now after all. This is what 7 year old boys do in his world. When I was forced to burst his rose colored bubble, he had his first meltdown of the day. He began screaming at me and making half incoherent demands. Apparently I am the meanest mom ever. Obviously I care. NOT! Once he finally calmed himself down, he came to tell me "OK I can have cupcakes in my class. I won't worry about my presents." and that was that. He had a pretty good day at school. He took 2 naps.

Today has been an interesting day. I spent the day at the great and wonderful Brooke Army Medical Center (Can I hear a HOOAH?!) Where the boys and I sat waiting for 5 hours in the ophthalmology clinic. We know nothing except we will be back in the ophthalmology clinic again tomorrow. This time, after putting drops in Daniel's eyes tonight because they don't dilate in the clinic. I'm praying that I don't have to spend all day sitting there again. My butt is flat enough already thankyouverymuch.

On tonight's agenda? A trip back to BAMC to get Daniel's blood drawn for Tegretol levels. I'm sitting here researching what tests to ask for and praying that I get a doctor who will just listen to me. It's not like I don't know what I'm doing. It's hit or miss with these people. I mean really. . . what will it hurt to do blood tests? And since we're doing blood tests. . . what's a couple extra just to make sure we're not killing him with psychotropic medication?

On a side note: we're moving to Georgia soon. Hence the urgency to get all my medical ducks in a row. Willow's getting new braces for her legs. She just got a new hearing aid and FM system. We've got to make sure the boys meds are right. I'm hoping for a smooth transition into our next duty station from a medical standpoint but I can't count on it so it's important to have everything in order before we go if possible. Oh and the cat needs to go to the vet and get shots just in case we have to put her in a kennel for a short period of time while we're waiting for housing. Just one more thing! ;)