Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving day, right around the corner!

Today was the walk through by the moving company. I guess they needed to see how much stuff we have so they can plan accordingly. We have a lot of stuff. The packers will be here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Our pre inspection by housing is Friday and then we clear housing for good a week later. After that we are Georgia bound! I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before next week but for now I'm pre occupied with house shopping. Matt is in Georgia right now. He looked at 7 or 8 houses today but our favorite has been this one from the beginning. It has a very large yard that is already set up for the dogs, a big magnolia tree so I don't have to plant one, lots of room for the kids to play, a big kitchen painted like strawberries with red walls and green counter tops. (might sound like Christmas but it's quite cute) Buying a house however is a scary thing. There's the fact that this house has been unoccupied for almost a year and is starting to look a little over grown, not to mention the fact that the inside is looking a little dusty and has a few bug corpses lying around just from being vacant in Georgia. Also there's some repair work that needs to be done on the siding but we don't know how far the rotten wood goes. If it's deeper than just siding then we may be in over our heads and we certainly don't want that! This house is in a great neighborhood with low crime rates and good schools. It's near enough to post but also nearer to Savannah where I'll be taking the kids for appointments often. Most importantly, I can actually see my kids living there. It's not so classy that they can't be the creative, sometimes messy creatures they are. I feel like they can be themselves there: free to imagine, create, dream, believe and grow! In spite of the fact that this house seems to be a perfect fit for us, we don't want to jump into anything with out prayer and careful consideration. That's where we are now. Praying and carefully considering but we really just keep coming back to this place. It feels like home.


  1. Hey - if you guys really want that one, make sure it's inspected and make an offer with a reduced price or ask for an allowance for the repairs that need done!

    Listen at me, all full of advice. lol

  2. It's looking like it's not going to work out. They don't want to fix the siding and my construction worker father, brother and brother's friend who is a contractor all looked at the many photos that Matt took and said 2 things. There's a "washboard" buckle in the roof and the siding that's rotten has already been replaced before. Therefore it's an ongoing problem and the rotten wood very likely goes all the way down inside the wall. HUGE bummer because we liked the house but that's more than we can handle in the way of repairs and the bank already said they won't fix it. :(