Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun at the Medieval Faire!

We've been busy around our house.  We had been planning on taking the kids on an overnight trip down to Florida for the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire and the kids wanted to earn some extra spending money so I put them to work!  Here they are with happy faces, scrubbing the grout in my kitchen.  Perfect kid job!  They are lower to the floor, after all!

 We stayed over night in a hotel on Friday night and the weather was so beautiful on Saturday morning that the kids wanted to swim!  Ahhhh.  Tis a lovely early February in sunny Florida!

Willow looked more like this.  She still has a cast on her leg.  No pool for her!

We spent the day at the fairgrounds wandering amongst the peasants, enjoying sunshine and fun activities like archery, horse back riding, sword fighting and magic. 

Met up with a small Genghis Khan. . .

    and an elf princess!

Willow and I also got our hair plaited by the Queen's royal hair lady.

A lovely time was had by all!  We hope to do it again next year!

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