Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel log day two. . .the un-travel log.

This is the blog I wrote last night. I tried to post it then but couldn't maintain a good internet signal so here I am, sitting at McDonald's this morning so I can post. I'll blog more at the end of the day when we know something more. . .

We're still stuck in Katy, TX. This morning we were up early trying to figure out the problem with the big rig. Matt went to the local parts supply house and bought some stuff that was suggested by a friend of ours over the phone to help transmissions that are slipping get a little more life. It said right on the bottle that it would not fix major problems. It didn't work. I assumed it was because there was a major problem. We decided to take it to a local Ford dealership for repair. We've had unidentified problems off and on with the transmission slipping and the overdrive light blinking along with the check engine light that comes on for a while, then shuts off. We've had it in to be looked at by 2 different mechanics and neither one fixed the problem but I think that it might be solved now. The dealership said that deep under the hood, they found a set of wires that had fallen onto the exhaust manifold and melted. This could be the reason why the car finally decided to go at the same time the air conditioner died. It could be that there's not a problem with either of those systems, only an electrical short. Even though we're already neck deep in labor charges, I have hope that it will still be less to fix the wires than to replace the transmission. Let's hope that fixing the electrical problem solves the other issues. (it's always good to have hope, right?)

While we've been hanging around waiting for the car to be fixed, we moved to a first floor room at the Motel 6. The stairs that we had been climbing to the third floor for our first day were too much for Willow to manage without getting really tired so we were blessed with two lovely side by side rooms not too far from the pool. We just hung out here most of the day, watching movies and back to back episodes of Are you smarter Than a 5th Grader? We also swam in the pool here at the hotel. We did get out for a little while though to take the dogs to be groomed. I didn't get a chance to give them baths before they left so I took them up the street to Petsmart for an anti-shed shampoo and brushing. They look absolutely lovely now and Daniel is sneezing a lot less now too. Poor kid. It stinks to be allergic to your pets. Other than that, we just ran a few other errands. . . Walgreens, Best Buy and lunch at Applebees. We're trying to limit ourselves to one meal "out" a day. Today it was a late lunch. Tomorrow we'll eat sandwiches for breakfast and free coffee from the lobby. When you have to stay at "pet friendly" Motel 6, there's no such thing as continental breakfast. I hope they have good coffee.

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