Monday, January 30, 2012

Pause. January's almost over?

The month is drawing to a close.  I managed to make it through my commitment to blog everyday.  Some of my blogs weren't fabulous but I think I did pretty well since it's been so long since I did this all the time.  Tomorrow is Matt's birthday, although we aren't celebrating it tomorrow because Tuesdays are busy.  My plans for tomorrow are as follows:  Nurse comes to take care of Willow at 9.  I clean house for a friend from 9:30-11:30 or so, come back and pick up the kids (and nurse) for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  We'll know tomorrow afternoon whether or not Willow is going to get her cast off and wear a removable one for a while.  Hopefully she'll be able to bear weight on her foot soon!  After her appointment, I will be picking up the rest of the kids back at home and running them back into town for dance.  We have musical theater, hip hop and tap tomorrow night but we also have a choir concert at Noah's school at 6:00 so we'll probably have to skip the tap class.  There goes my exercise for the day. 

I can't believe that January is almost over but it's because I have a lot of days like the one that's planned for tomorrow.  Time flies when you're busy and I'm REALLY busy.  Sometimes it's stressful but for the most part, I LOVE MY LIFE!

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