Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Travelling in Smith style!

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. We started the day already sleep deprived from trying to prepare our old house to clear so we could leave early. We managed to finish with only minutes to spare before they came to inspect. Only two minor things wrong with the house. We're waiting to hear whether or not we'll be charged for them. I then took Willow over to MK prosthetics and orthotics where we picked up her 3rd pair of AFO's for her legs. We didn't get a chance to buy her the new shoes I wanted to pick out after her appointment because I needed to get Daniel from school. When I picked him up, he was in a funk about not getting to swim in the pool at school. His funk turned into a raging fit that could only be remedied by a nap. I let him sleep at Amy's house while Matt went to clear post and I had some last minute snuggle time with Amy's baby Josh.

Because nothing goes exactly according to plan when you are a part of this family, we didn't end up leaving until nearly 4:00. Before we'd even gotten out of San Antonio, I heard Daniel gagging in the back seat. I looked back to see his watery eyes and nauseated expression. "Don't throw up!" I said. To which he replied: "The cat pooped in her kennel!"

45 minutes into our trip, we had to stop at some gas station who's billboards have a giant beaver on them. Lilli had been talking about wanting to stop at this particular place and was so excited to see the bathrooms because the billboards claimed that they had the best bathrooms around. Weird. Sour gummy worms and double shot mochas to keep me awake and we hit the road again.

Shortly after that, Matt began to slow down in front of me. I called to see what was wrong and he told me that the car wouldn't maintain speed. Obviously something was wrong. Also: the air conditioner wasn't cold, Seriously? All that to say that we're in Houston. Motel 6. We'll try to fix the car tomorrow and get going again. In the meantime, we're all healthy and happy and counting our blessings. I'm not going to let today set the stage for the rest of our trip. Tomorrow is a new day and it WILL be better!

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