Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not all nurses are created equal

Since Willow's surgery a week ago, we've had 4 nurses in and out of our house.  The first one, "B" is an LPN and very experienced.  She is familiar with all of Willow's machines, including her cough assist machine which is unusual.  Most people have never even seen one.  She's about the same age as me and has several kids of her own.  She's sweet and funny and very "southern" with a thick drawl when she speaks.  She's very good with Willow.  She calls Willow her baby and Lilli her "sweet potata."  She doesn't mind snuggling or that Willow tells her she loves her 50 times a day.  She holds Willow's hand when they watch cartoons.

Nurse "D" was here for only one day last week but she's coming back tomorrow.  She's an older lady who walks with an awkward gait.  She sort of limps like she has a back problem or something wrong with her hip.  She's sweet with Willow but doesn't let her watch tv.  (which is fine with me!) She likes board games and crafts and reading stories.  She likes to stay busy and she loves to color.  She likes to go to church and she switched her schedule around so she could go with us this week!  Willow had a lot of fun with her when she was here.

Nurse "S" is an RN but seems less experienced than our LPN from earlier in the week.  She was unfamiliar with the cough assist and even the vest.  She has a different sort of idea about what personal space is.  It seems like she always wants to stand too close to you.  She says bad words in front of my kids.  She's loud and abrasive, pushy and bossy.  I told her repeatedly that I wanted to wait to give Willow a bath until her shower chair arrived in the late afternoon.  She insisted that she could give her a bath without it.  When I got home, she proceeded to tell me how difficult a task it was and that the shower chair arrived at our house an hour after she was finished.  She hadn't been bathed in 3 days at that point, the bath couldn't have waited an hour?  Willow was depressed this morning when S showed up.  Willow refused to look at her, speak to her or acknowledge her in any way.  She cried when I had to leave to take the kids to dance class.  Needless to say, I've requested that the agency not send her back.  

Nurse "J" was trained by S just this morning.  She's soft spoken and sweet, exactly the opposite of S.  She has a full time job working in a clinic during the week so she'll only be with us on Saturdays but we really liked her.  She said she enjoyed being with our family, in spite of multiple meltdowns from Daniel.  She has good manners and doesn't swear. 

We also had a visit from our favorite local nurse today.  Our Pastor's wife, who is also an RN stopped by to visit Willow.  We love her so much! 

It's been interesting having nurses here.  I've learned a lot about how Willow relates to people.  She really has a huge capacity for love.  She accepts pretty much everyone but even she has her limits. 

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