Monday, January 2, 2012


I decided to motivate myself for blogging again by jumping on the NaBloPoMo bandwagon.  A lot has changed since I was a regular blogger!  In fact, the blog world has a whole new language of it's own!  I actually had an online conversation with my friend Erin (who is a much more experienced blogger than me.) Her blog is here.  It went something like this:

Me: "Oh good!  I found you!  I need your help!"
Erin:  "OK"
Me:  "I can't figure out how to get the NaBloPoMo meme onto my blog"
Erin:  "What platform?  blogspot?"
Me:  "yes"
Erin:  "don't know blogspot.  On wordpress you'd put in a text widget under appearance. Does that help at all?"
Me:   " I have my tools up and there are several places where I can 'add a gadget'
let me see which one sounds appropriate and run it by you. . ."
Erin: "do you see something that says sidebar?"
Me:  "HTML/JavaScript HTML/JavaScript AddAdd third-party functionality or other code to your  blog. and yes it in the sidebar."
Erin:  "That sounds right"

Then later. . .

Erin:  "don't forget to add your link to the blog her site. wow, there are a lot of blogs on there!"
Me:  "How do I do that?"
Erin:  "get the url of your post, go to that site and at the bottom theres a Mister Linky's Magical  Widgets. copy and paste your url"

I can't tell you what the difference is between a meme and a widget or a gadget.  Just like I can't tell you what happened to my margins on this post.  Nor can I fix it, even though I've tried looking at the html code and taking things out.  I've tried everything short of starting from scratch.  (Which I'm not going to do because I'm not going to let my perfectionism stand in the way of my blogging!)  My margins are weird in this post.  Love me anyway. . . in spite of my imperfections, or not. . . whatever!  

I titled this post "Beginnings" because of NaBloPoMo.  That's their theme for this month.  In many ways, it is a month for beginnings.  I am beginning with my blog again and this time I am sticking to it!   A new year is beginning and with it a new attitude of gratefulness and JOY even when circumstances are rotten!  We all know things could always be worse, right?  Also, aside from that, we are embarking on a new journey this week with Willow.  

Clinging to my "JOY in spite of. . ." might be more difficult than I realize today when Friday arrives!  Willow is scheduled for an anterior tibial tendon transfer on her left foot.  For a "normal" kid it would be less of a big deal but for her, that means big life changes.  At least for a little while.  While all the other kids are returning to school this week, she is going to be on "hospital/homebound" education for several weeks while she heals. The school will be sending a tutor out to work with her a few hours a week.  She will also have a nurse that will come for 8 hours every day for the first 21 days.  She will be non weight bearing, in a cast for 4 weeks.  Because she has myopathy, low muscle tone, or form of muscular dystrophy, (you'll hear me refer to her muscle abnormality by any of those names, probably) she has a hard time with fatigue and self help skills.  Add to it a 10lb cast on her leg that can't have any weight put on it and she'll be pretty much dependent on us for everything. We'll also have to watch her closely for atelectasis (which in layman's terms is collapse of part of or in some cases all of a lung)  She tends to have chronic left lung collapse without being sedentary.  Laying around makes it worse.  She'll be on breathing treatments, chest percussion therapy and oxygen and need monitoring of her blood oxygen levels throughout the entire time.  We'll have to make sure she's keeping up her strength through physical therapy because after week 4, she'll be able to start putting some weight on her foot and walking a little bit.  (if she can) So for us, January 6th brings us a new beginning!  I'm sure we'll all be so glad when it ends!  The nurse comes tomorrow to evaluate her and look at her equipment.  I'm praying they send someone who doesn't mind a kid constantly touching them!  Willow, ever our "space invader" is in need of a lot of physical contact, even on a normal day! 

On many levels, this month brings me back to "beginnings."    But I am up to the challenge!  Bring on January!

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