Sunday, January 8, 2012

This is NOT what it looks like.

After we got home from the hospital yesterday, the nurse met us at our house to help get Willow comfortable.  Once we got everything situated, the care coordinator for our nursing company brought one of the RN's out to do a post surgical evaluation on Willow.  We had papers spread out all over my counter and the 4 of us were working between the bar stools we had pulled up, side by side at the counter to fill out a mountain of paperwork and where Willow was stretched out on the couch.  As we were finishing up and passing papers back and forth to be signed, I noticed this on the counter.  It had been sitting there.  Just like that the whole.time.

Sure the nursing company staff saw it, I grabbed it and held it up to make sure the zipper at the top of the bag was fully closed, making sure the "right" side was showing and not just the back.  I said something like "Oh this probably doesn't look very good! Hahaha! Ha.Ha.Ha."  Did I hear crickets chirping?  Maybe.  The RN, whom I had only met that day smiled and nodded, a look of concern on her face.  She then pursed her lips a bit and confessed, "Yes, well I did see that but I wasn't going to say anything."  Again, holding the right side of the bag at eye level. I replied "It's catnip.  For our new kitten." 

She didn't look as though she believed me.  Surely she couldn't think I was lying.  It says "Catnip" right on the bag!  I'm pretty sure she went home and told her husband "Seems like a nice family but she forgot to put her weed away before we got there.  I couldn't believe it!"  This is how we roll in our nutty family.  You can't make this stuff up.  I'm still laughing about it but I might not be if the cops come and want to search our house for drug paraphernalia. 

Lilli reminded me that I had forgotten to put up a picture of Katniss, our new kitty.  She's a monster.  She rips and tears through our house, literally trying to climb the walls.  She is picky about her litter box and she has horrible manners but you have to admit, she's pretty cute. 

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