Saturday, January 28, 2012

Writing contest

I'm thinking about entering this writing contest.  My friend, over at momfog, suggested that it might be fun.  It does sound fun.  I'm definitely interested just to see if I could win something.  My problem though is not writer's block, exactly.  It's having too much stuff to write about.  Here's what the writing contest is all about, in case you didn't feel like clicking the link: 

"Notes & Words is looking for the next great memoirist. We’re calling for short personal essays about the challenges of caring for a child (age 18 or younger), including medical issues (e.g., an accident, illness or diagnosis) or emotional crises (e.g., a death, divorce, breakdown) or one of any one of the more common parenting dramas (e.g., academic, social, athletic, epicurean).  We welcome both humorous and serious essays of up to 800 words." 

I definitely have some material but who do I write about?  All of them in one essay?  It might be over 800 words.  Should I write about the twins?  Having a child with Asperger's?  ADHD?  Adoption?  Take one of my blog posts and elaborate on it?  Maybe I'm over analyzing.  If I keep this up, I may talk myself out of it. 

Any of you have any thoughts? 

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  1. Not to sound too much like a dork, but outline. Make a brief outline for each possibility, then choose based on word count, tone, and what you think works best. A clear choice should emerge. Whatever you do, don't talk yourself out of it.