Monday, January 16, 2012

Perfect Love

So there we were, sitting in the pew, enjoying the special music trio of our pastor, his wife and their son singing together.  Suddenly on the screen next to the stage lights up. . . revealing a windows desktop computer screen.  Then facebook pops up.  There, on the screen in front of the entire church was MY face and some comments I'd made on my favorite time wasting social network.  My friend Erin, (who was sitting next to me) and I both were kind of startled!  We looked at each other and sort of laughed uncomfortably.  I was frantically trying to remember if there was anything I'd said that I wouldn't want on the screen in front of church on a Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, I was sitting too far back from the screen to be able to read the comments I'd made.  The song the trio was singing on stage was a nice one but it was excruciatingly long waiting for them to finish while my face was on the screen.   I began to sink lower and lower into the pew.  As the pastor's wife sat down in front of us, Erin alerted her to what had to be an obvious mistake.  She only nodded and said it was supposed to be there and no, it had nothing to do with me!  Phew!  It was part of what the pastor was preaching about in preparation for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  He wanted to show a video clip that we had all been talking about on facebook.  I'll post it here:

The fact that our pastor used this youtube clip as an example for sanctity of human life comes as no surprise.  He's got a heart for people with special needs.  This is one of many reasons why we love him.  He can see value and worth in people that some would call unworthy.  He sees each individual and appreciates them because they are a unique and special creation of God.  Sanctity = the quality or state of being holy or sacred.  Sanctity of each human life, without regard to ability or lack thereof, regardless of race, sex, intelligence, talent or physical handicap.  I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who lead by example and see people as Jesus sees them. . . through the rose colored glasses of perfect love. 

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