Sunday, January 15, 2012

Always learning

Once you've home schooled your kids, it's hard to change that mindset.  Every day contains a learning opportunity!  Today, we had a baked Italian pasta dish for lunch so we set the house up like an Italian Bistro, turned on some traditional Italian music, and learned some Italian words.  I taught the kids how to say "pane" for bread, "insalada" for salad along with "por favore" and "grazie" and a few others.  We learned a little bit about Italy's history and I had the "big kids" show Daniel and Willow where to find it on the globe.

After we cleaned up from lunch, the kids wanted to watch a movie.  After scrolling through pages and pages of choices on the Netflix instant stream, they decided on the original Cheaper by the Dozen from 1950.  The movie takes place during the 20's which led to a discussion on why they were called the "roaring 20's," the economy during the 20's and what happened to change the boom after World War I.  We then discussed the stock market crash of 1929 and trading practices on Wall Street, including what it means to buy stocks on margin and how that led to people losing so much money. 

All in all, it was an interesting day!  The kids had fun and stayed busy which is always good for Moms! 


  1. See, you're a good homeschooler. I was never that dedicated. Sei brillanti!

  2. I love homeschooling. I can't believe that this will likely be my last year. . . :(